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22 Apr 2006

Aly and I were walking around Bugis Junction and Icon, we then proceeded to Lai Lai Taiwan Beef Noodles (Liang Seah Street) for a late lunch, but we stumbled upon this place on the way there (32 Liang Seah Street) just a few outlets away from Lai Lai), hence we decided to try it out.

The menu… quite abit of items…

The walls were papered with pics of Hong Kong Causeway Bay

Aly’s Ice Lemon Tea… didn’t really taste that great sad to say… but the glass was pretty interesting…

My order of “Yin Yang” or Si-Mud tea+coffee … The coffee taste was too strong, couldn’t really taste much of the tea… not great once again

Thumbs up for the cool glass/container +1 for presentation? :P

Aly’s order of Baked rice with chicken chop, pretty tasteless, and too soggy, tasted very powdery, think it could be ‘cos of the cheese they used.

I’m at a HK cafe, I HAVE to try their Beef Brisket soup noodles…
Verdict? Simply awful… 3 small miserable pieces of beef which tasted exactly like the canned Ma Ling Stewed Pork that many folks like to cook with bee hoon …

HK Kai Lan with mushroom, we found this to be too salty to our liking…

Total bill was $24.50, not value for money if you ask me…
Geez… can anybody even come close to HK Cafe at East Coast?
I seriously hope this place can improve for their own sake and mine :-<

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Raymond EE

May 9th, 2006 at 8:36 am

The OEM food certianly doesn’t look like anything I used to have at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong!


Raymond EE

May 9th, 2006 at 8:37 am

The OEM food shown here certainly doesn’t look like anything I have seen in Causewaybay, Hong Kong. I doubt they will taste the same either.

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