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And the mystery person in my Friendster list is……………. *drum roll* ……… none other than….. *drum roll* … KELLY!!!! How did I find out? Well…apparently she logged in today and changed the name LEE to Kelly!!! ….. grrrrr….. must go and scold her already Got back from dinner at Turf City… wham!burger!!! If you haven’t […]

YESH!!!! My website’s back!!! Shouldn’t have been down in the first place…grrr…thanks to my ISP…. who claimed didn’t receive my fax to transfer my domain to them ….and so after a few months, I finally decided to re-register it heh….

Tried packing the room again…every weekend is spent doing up the room…and end up sneezing non stop Couldn’t sleep a wink last nite due to blocked nose…. grrr…. armed with vicks and bel air aromatherapy…good grief….I need to breathe!!! Just trying to get my own domain name is such a hassle. First of all I […]

Back from the car! mechie told me that my car batt was dry! No more batt water doh!!! I completely overlooked that!!! Goodness…. so he asked if I wanted to change to a new batt or just add water and hope for the best. Batt water $1.50 New batt $75!!! I opted for the cheaper […]

Way to go… went down to start my car …for fear that it would not start, as I haven’t touched it in 3 days…..and behold!!! Silly car really died on me….good thing I discovered it on my way to buy lunch …if not I don’t have to go anywhere tonite!!! its Friday nite!!! ….called AA […]

yawn!!!….went to bed early last nite at 12+ as it was quite a disappointing nite. sigh…. don’t you just wished you were at the top of somebody’s priority list sometimes? hahhaah….. went to sleep it off….despite Real Mallorca Vs Newcastle match at 4am! and guess what? woke up at 6am! Missed the whole match completely […]

Grab your hands on this song….. I don’t mean shit. Check it out! Fuck it I don’t Want You Back – Eamon woooaaa hoooooo no no no see i don’t.. know why i like you so much.. i gave ya all of my trust i told you.. i loved you now its all down the […]

This is getting to be REALLY silly …. my dear friend LEE has popped up again on my list…. what the heck!?!?! Will I ever get to find out who this mystery person is?

Missing LEE

In: Life in Fish Bowl

25 Mar 2004

Just refreshed my friendster page and guess what?! that new “friend” of mine is not there anymore! interesting… hmmm…. the network’s pretty screwed I say!

Hey! I got an additional friend added to my friendster list. here’s the best bit. she’s married and 24 yrs young and goes by the name of LEE. THATS ALL!!! no other information! no pics either! who are you Ms LEE?!! *mutters*…. this is so weird….

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