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Added a little something to the car this morning. Here’s a sneak peek Thanks to Dennis and his men at Servo

For Pete…

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29 Jun 2004

* Here’s something for you Pete! Forgot to ask you… what colour’s your ride and did you get a new licence plate?

Here I am, sitting here. Have been having really bad tummy trouble the last couple of days. Just got off the line with an old friend. We spoke, but briefly. Sometimes I wonder what is his intention of keeping in touch. Don’t get me wrong here. Perhaps I’m thinking too much, it’s really nice to […]

What I would give to have something like this in SillyPore!!! Grrrr… no such legal exhausts here Got me drooling non stop

Something interesting here. Someone posted this in MCF and thought I should share it here. Thank goodness I’m not driving a Mitsubishi anymore LOL … ZHIHUI!!! You reading this? heh heh… But it still doesn’t change the way I feel about the Evos Pay the site a visit to find out more The site […]

Here I am now…waiting and waiting for soccer to start. Will Germany or Holland prevail tonite? Czech Republic (Go Skoda go!!! hahaha) were the first to qualify for the next round. England will meet Portugal in the next round… who will win the Euro2004? Who who who who who?

Here I am…bored stiff… been sneezing and having blocked nose for the last 2 weeks since I came back from Bintan… wah lau eh… Hey! I didn’t mention that I went there did I? Well, it was a totally new experience for me as I’ve never been there before. Overall, it was ok…MINUS the silly […]

Notice anything different about the car now? Skody got new shoes! Yup! That’s right! Got them about 2-3 weeks ago. It’s now wearing a set of 18″ ROH Fury wheels shod with Pirelli Zero Rosso tyres I got them at a real bargain price as they were used but in tip top condition with no […]

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