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Went to her concert today with Aly…. (Qi Shi Ni Xin Li You Mei You Wo) 其实你心里有没有我… one of my favourite Sammi songs…. She also sang (Hui Lai Wo Shen Biang) 回来我身边 from the movie “My Left Eye Sees Ghosts” … Such a sad sad song… can’t help but think of the sad scenes in […]

It’s been a week! More than that actually… hahaha… Been busy that’s why … With what? Here’s a peek … Take a look at my new ride …


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16 Aug 2004

Yup… totally…. Been feeling sleepy lately for some reason, I get so tired easily My legs feel like they are about to give way and my kneecaps feel like they are going to dislocate themselves … Sharp pains go through my body every now and then and my arms ache easily What’s going on? Signs […]

Went in with Zhihui and Kelly, Zhishen and Angela and Aly at about noon. Had lunch at City Plaza before Kelly and Angela went for facial and left the four of us wondering around the mall. Totally boring I tell you… Only the pirated game shops got me somewhat interested… with a few games, that’s […]

The English Premier League! Finally!!! But what a disappointment though! Newcastle took on Middlesbrough at the Riverside Stadium and the end result was a draw!!! Arrrgh… Newcastle gave away the lead in the 91st minute during injury time!!! What a major let down AGAIN lt; EPL aside, I got myself a Aurora cross paper shredder […]

What the heck is going on? I’ve been plagued by rashes for more than a week! It started breaking out last Sunday night… it’s already Tuesday!!! The injections and the medication solved the problem for 12 hours. That’s about it. I had my room cleaned up and packed (ya…I know…amazingly) but the rashes are still […]

As they call it… Local window film companies are calling such tints “privacy glass” hahahaa… Anyway drove the car up to the top floor of the multi-storey car park and “baked” it in the sun for about 4-5 hours to get rid of bubbles… not that there are any… Just wanted to do it anyway […]

JB Trip

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2 Aug 2004

We arrived at JB around 1430hrs… headed straight for Pelangi Leisure Mall where Southern MotorSports was. There were 2 Singapore plate Civic EGs there already doing up their window film, so I had to wait till after they were done. Wait… Wait… Wait… Haiz… I’m always made to wait at workshops…. *groan* By the time […]


In: Life in Fish Bowl

2 Aug 2004

Woke up this morning with more rashes all over!!! It had started last night, but I thought they would just go away! But they multiplied this morning and I was itching all over… Went to see the doctor at Holland Village and he gave me jab… ouch! My poor bum! Told me it was an […]

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