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Finally finished up today! Minus the spoiler though, still can’t find the right paint for it … Front View Rear View

Just how reliable are they? Was reading some posts at MCF and came across someone asking around on opinions on cars to purchase. Some other bloke replied asking him to get a Renault and the reply was “How’s the reliability and maintenance?” ….. I am surprise that till this day, the perception that japanese cars […]

Went for the Singapore Skoda Owners Group meetup earlier in the afternoon before heading to Pat’s place for dinner, and then playing mahjong with Zhishen and Angela with Pat. Had a really fun day! Here are some of the photos I took at the meetup

Hmmmm ….

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13 Sep 2004

Finally finished up the RX8! Time to work on my long awaited WRC car

Yup! The news just came in…fresh from the oven! Graeme Souness has been appointed as the new Newcastle manager !!! Don’t know it this is good or bad news though… Good? Yeah…he’s strict…very strict… good for the club to deal with all the trouble makers such as Craig Bellamy, Kieron Dyer, Titus Bramble, Lee Bowyer, […]

Yeah…woke up early…felt so sleepy… Didn’t have a choice though…had to be at the stupid Maju Camp by 0730hrs for my IPPT test…which…. I failed… AGAIN … oh well… Kok Leong came to fetch me, said it was silly for 2 cars to be there… hahaha… He failed as well.. hahahaa… Anyway we went to […]

The transfer deadline has passed, Wayne Rooney has signed for Manchester United over Newcastle, no replacements have been signed for Jonathan Woodgate who was sold to Real Madrid, and poor poor Uncle Bobby Robson has been sacked by the club. Just too much bad stuff going on at the club, it’s sad to see the […]

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