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29 Oct 2004

Totally sleepy… lack of sleep….

I’m still awake when I’m suppose to be asleep! Long day ahead of me later, plus a late night badminton match! Hope everything goes well…..

For many years, I’ve pondered over this question. What do we need in our lives? Love? Money? Both? Does love bring you happiness? The old saying of “money can’t buy happiness”. That is so wrong. Speaking from experience, I’ve learnt that money CAN buy you happiness. Unfortunately, it’s just short termed happiness. Happiness is a […]

Went into JB again today to take a look at the bodykits for my car again Guess what? When the JB customs guy stopped me for routine check, he saw my ATF cooler box and demanded to know what it was. CRAP! He didn’t even know what it was and what it does and he […]

Yup… we fixed up the kitchen, spent thousand odd bucks… and they are back again telling us that the ceiling downstairs is leaking again… So what exactly are these so called engineers hired by HDB doing? Do they deserve to be what they call themselves? First they said it was the routing pipe. They forced […]

Went to JB today with Aly, Tong & Kelly, Jack & Angela and Pat & Audrey. We went in early around 10am and drove to Jusco at Permas Jeya for brunch. Pat then brought me to a bodykit shop nearby to take a look and fix his fog lamps as well. Saw several bodykits there […]

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