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Help survivors and their families by making monetary donations to these organizations: Singapore Red Cross: Tidal Waves Asia Mercy Relief: Asia Tidal Waves Salvation Army: South Asia Disaster Fund

Went to Servo today at 830am. Told Dennis to intall my ATF Cooler and also a Neuspeed Upper Tie Bar which I’ve been eyeing all this while. Met Roy around 9am as he sent his E39 to Juzz for Cars upstairs. We had a drink and hung around at the cafeteria till around 11am… Went […]

As some of you guys would’ve already known by now… I took over my car with only 1 key… Asked Dennis at Servo to get me 1… he never got round to doing it Anyway… got fed up… Went to CA and ordered, had to pay first, if not they won’t order. Thought fine… reasonable… […]

I don’t feel good… For some reason… Can’t figure out what it is… The huge death toll? (It’s now passed the 55k mark)… Hopefully the new year arrives quickly and it’s a turn for the better… A prayer for the victims and their families … Makes me think of Noah’s ark… that was alot worse… […]

You guys would’ve heard the news by now… it’s the biggest thing right now… Is this a sign of the end of the world? Good griefo… Got news that Tap and Carol stayed in Thailand and didn’t go to Phuket as planned! Thank God! I’m like freaking out ever since I lost one of my […]

Boxing Day

In: Life in Fish Bowl

26 Dec 2004

Why do they call this day Boxing Day? Dad told me once before….but it has slipped my mind Anyway… How did I spend my Christmas? I got sick… It’s retribution I say… There I was… laughing at Tong… Next thing I knew… I was sneezing non stop and sniffing away trying hard to breathe Well… […]

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you get well soon Tong! You’ve got Kelly to take good care of you

This is what happens Anyway… Geoff, if you’re reading this… take heart! At least you can now get your VTI-S

What a day! Roy called me on the phone to tell me that my tyre was flat… Rushed downstairs and discovered that 2 tyres were flat, not 1… Roy then brought me to Autobacs where I bought an electric pump that plugs into the ciggy lighter socket in the car… Went back to pump the […]

Tap!… had a fun time seeing you being played by her jie mei! When are the kids arriving? As for the rest of you brothers… it’s been awhile… glad you all can still remember that I was once skinny

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