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Roy asked me yesterday … when I was going to get married… I shrugged him off and told him not for the time being… Went back home… Mum came into the room and had a chat with me, bringing the same matter up along the way … Asking me when I was going to get […]

It has been so long… yet it keeps happening… I have no idea why … or how… to deal with it anymore… I’m taken for granted and I feel utterly unappreciated… My patience has ran out sad to say… I’m both tired and angry… Tired and angry why things turned out this way… why it […]

Do you sometimes have trouble dealing with certain types of people in the workplace? Or, perhaps there is a particular difficult person that you have trouble communicating with. Here are a few quick tips on how to disarm some of these problematic situations. The key to effectively dealing with others is flexibility. There is a […]

This is soooooo cute!!! hahahaa…. Slurp Slurp!!!

Kitty smiles for you

Reached Servo around 9am… Dennis got his men to work on my car about 15 mins after he attended to some earlier customers. Hung around there….had a drink and some siew mai at the cafe upstairs… hung around…. It was around 11am that the mechanic told me that the ATF cooler installation was done. He […]

CA claims that my speedo has been swapped … If that’s the case, and as they claimed, the speedo immobiliser number doesn’t match my engine chassis number and only matches that of another Skoda Octavia, then why is it that my car is able to open my doors and start the engine currently? So now […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!!! Kicked off the new year with a lazy rainy Sat morning SOG meetup at 8am… Everyone was still half asleep… hahaha… Too bad more didn’t turn up as expected… probably due to the late night partying the night before… The slight drizzle didn’t damper our moods though… We then had a […]

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