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Talk about being simply bochap Some dude at Tampines Mall carpark

Yummy! Coffeebean anyone?

Was doing window shopping at Suntec… had dinner at Ichiban Boshi… Couldn’t resist ordering the beef apart from the sushi … I know you can get this on a hotplate as well at a fraction of the cost, but hey… it tastes 10 times better than those you get at the food courts … heh…

Rings a bell? I read this awesome fantasy series way back in secondary school… I had completely forgot about it till moments ago, when I decided to see what’s new on the quicktime website for new movie trailers… and stumbled across under the Disney section… a new movie called “The Chronicles of Narnia” I still […]

Hahahaha…. YES!!! Finally! TKL and I headed down to Carl’s Jr. for lunch today. Placed my order at the counter and got 2 cups and a number for them to deliver the food… Filled up the drinks with free flow brewed iced tea (or soft drinks)… yummy!!! Our number tag Yes!!! Can’t wait to bite […]

AArrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it! Grrr…. They opened earlier than expected… by the time I walked over from Suntec City… I had already eaten my dinner at the Suntec food court… Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Sheeesh!!!!! Gotta come back some other day to pig out there….. How about breakfast there tomorrow folks? Hee hee hee…. > They were giving […]

Came across this article when someone posted it on MCF… Interesting read… by Jeremy Clarkson… Sorry, Ford, I have to ask for my money back Your money back in Singapore? Stop dreaming!

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