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Check out these 2 pics!!! You wouldn’t have believed it ya? Newcastle’s new hero? Shearer’s finally found a worthy successor!!!

Other than Michael Owen, the club has re-signed Noberto Solano! Never understood why they sold him in the first place, but anyway, he’s not back to supply the ammunition to Owen! Cool! Can’t wait till 2 weeks later when they both make their debuts …. Arrrgh…. the wait is agonising!

Yippie!!!! Just read on Soccernet! Newcastle United signs Michael Owen on a 4 year contract!!! Should I rush out and get myself a number 10 Jersey?

4 games, 3 losses 1 draw and not a single goal scored … and we wonder why Michael Owen doesn’t want to sign for the club What on earth is Souness doing?

Woke up early in the morning… on the last day… like what Chee Meng said… It’s kind of a waste of the day … oh well… We had to be at the lobby by 8am for the coach to fetch us to the airport. The flight back home is at 11am. Washed up… Checked out… […]

We keep waking up late! We’ve got to try to wake up earlier! Especially on the last day here LOL We took the MTR down to Admiralty… (Hong Kong!!! Not Woodlands ) and went to this mall called Queensway Plaza (again… Hong Kong!!! not Singapore ) Spotted the bakery that mum likes to buy her […]

Yawn! We got up late again… around lunch time… and slowly crawled out of the hotel… heh… Walked past this place along the way to Tsim Sha Tsui and decided to just settle for some food there… Baby in the chinese restaurant… This is actually the cashier counter of the restaurant Interior of the restaurant […]

Got up around 1pm hee hee… took the MTR to Mongkok … See those lighted spots on the route map? Pretty cool… it tells you where you are now and where the train is headed and in which direction… SMRT should learn from them! We started hunting around for a place to eat again and […]

Touch down! Arrived in Hong Kong at around 11am… Baby in the coach… all smiles on our way to the hotel… It was raining the moment we stepped out of the plane… look at how intimidating the sky looked… We stayed at the Eaton hotel near the Jordon MTR… This pic was taken a few […]

The title says it all… Why are people getting away with such things these days? Goodness….

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