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Weather was good… hot sun and really breezy… so I decided to wash my clothes…. Hung them out to dry…. after a few hours… I went to the kitchen to wash my mug and noticed what was happening… Those lovely neighbours of mine upstairs had hung their dripping wet clothes out to dry… and my […]

Yippie!!! Michael Owen scores for the Magpies again at St James Park, beating Manchester City 1-0 Seems that he could’ve scored more…. too bad there wasn’t any live telecast for the match… will just have to watch the highlights or catch the delayed telecast of the match this coming Thursday …… More goals to come?! […]

Do these people ever learn? Goodness… It’s not like the car park’s full! Well, hopefully the owner of this car learns this time. He got a $50 fine.

Mum’s birthday today… We were deciding between having Jap food or seafood… dad chose the latter. We went to the branch at West Coast, parking was just right outside the restaurant. Hmm… the place seemed to have undergone some renovations since we last ate there… We went for the set menu for 4 people… Here’s […]

Aly’s birthday today! Drove over to her place at around 11am last nite and passed her her present… I didn’t allow her to open it till the clock struck midnight though Here’s Aly opening up her present after waiting till midnight LOL Eh?! What’s this??? Another Chococat!!! Aly playing with the stuffed Chococat I got […]

Finally! Blackburn 0 Newcastle 3 Shearer scored from a free kick…. Owen scored a header soon after in his second appearance for the club followed by a third goal 6 minutes from time by N’Zogbia to finish the game off. Hooray!!! Let’s hope the goals keep on coming!

Totally bored of the usual places to hang out on weekends… Orchard Road… Suntec… Marina Square… Parkway Parade…. What should we do? Aly and I decided to head to Causeway Point! Hahahaha…. Yup… the both of us haven’t been there for like… er… 5? 6yrs? The both of us can’t recall! Got there around 4pm… […]

Anniversary! Didn’t know where to take Aly for dinner… Spoke with Geoff the night before as well as Vivian, Kenny and Roy… As the time grew nearer for me to pick her up… Finally decided to bring her to a place that Geoff mentioned to me about 6-7 months ago (or even longer!). The place […]

September 15th. I can still recall that fateful day. It was suppose to be the anniversary of Aly and me. Did I ever mention this to anyone? We were out celebrating… and decided to return home early for some snuggles. Yes… Sept 15th. Was driving home along Holland Road just outside Dempsey area when BANG…. […]

Played a game of badminton with Pat and Audrey at the Ulu Pandan Community Center (Ghim Moh)… TKL was in Taiwan on a business trip…. Asked Fai to come along, but he didn’t feel too good, was down with flu… so it was just the 3 of us in the end. It isn’t too difficult […]

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