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Aly and I walked around Far East Plaza today …she managed to get a bag… while I managed to see lots of young girls We then crossed over to Shaw and had dinner at Pepper Lunch! This is my Combo Cut Steak and Chicken set … RAW The raw chicken on the left and the […]

Met Tong & Kelly at Hong Kong Cafe for dinner before proceeding home … Parking wasn’t so good this time round unlike the previous times when I could get a lot easily… Had to park quite far away this time…. Tong & Kelly had Honey lemon drink and Iced lemon tea while Aly and I […]

Genki Sushi

In: Food Adventures

29 Oct 2005

Went to Tampines Mall in the afternoon and just shopped around for stuff… bought a few tees … Had lunch at Genki Sushi as we had a birthday discount voucher … Aly with her su-udon Had some cha-soba along with sushi from the belt…

Chin Mei Chin

In: Food Adventures

29 Oct 2005

Went to Katong this morning with Aly… Chin Mei Chin!!! Tried their smooth and yummy egg tarts … the filling was not the normal kind you get… the egg part were almost liquid! Aly with her egg tarts… Moments later… just outside Chin Mei Chin …. hahaha… Aly took a bite… and everything dropped and […]

Went there last night with Pat and Audrey…. We went hunting for neighbourhood friendly shops for cheap games but couldn’t find any… so we proceeded there for dinner. Order a small fish head, some mutton and some masala chicken. It’s been awhile since I’ve last been there…. The lime juice was yummy…very refreshing… but somehow, […]

Guess I’m the last one to find out… Lime coke!!! Spotted it a Cold Storage and bought a bottle to try… Definitely tastes better than the Lemon Diet Coke to me (I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners)

Yup… Had dinner at Bukit Timah Taiwan Porridge with Tong and Kelly … Ate 2 bowls of porridge and 1 bowl of rice! Geez! Couldn’t move after that hahahaha He paid for dinner… ‘cos I helped him to buy and install ram chips for his computer… Thanks for dinner dude!

Went for reservist from Friday early morning to Saturday late night.. was only released 20 mins from midnight last nite….grrrr…… Thankfully… I passed my day and night shoot without the need for a reshoot… whew! heh heh… So glad to be out…. was sweating like a pig the entire day! Stank like hell!

My birthday gift from Pat and Audrey…. Thanks dudes! Lego Ferrari Enzo! The contents of the box, army full pack style, packets 1 to 3, 4 tires, stickers and instruction manual Work in progress – The car chassis The rear end of the car plus the engine Car seats up! The final product front view! […]

Aly and I decided to go to Hong Kong Cafe (again!) for supper after the Beyond concert as we were quite hungry… Got there and managed to find a parking lot (Yippy!) We had to wait a short while for seats … we opted to sit inside (air con!) We where shown to our seats […]

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