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Lai Lai Family Restaurant… Love this place … it’s amazing I haven’t written about this joint till now… It’s actually an eatery located at Liang Seah Street that dishes out taiwan beef noodles and other taiwan goodies… it’s owned and run by this pretty taiwanese woman Aly and her order of cold tofu with preserved […]

It’s been awhile since we’ve last been here…. Looks like they got more cushioned seats as well as a brand new menu! A whole new menu plus updated pics! Finally!!! What Aly and I have been saying the place was missing all this while… Any hk eatery would be incomplete without this! Beef brisket noodles […]

Claire and Brenda … 2 girls…. hmm…. if only… Hope I didn’t screw up the speech … and that the bride and groom and the rest of the folks enjoyed it… Lovely couple ya? Congrats Pat and Aud… All the best ya?

Boxing Day! Also the day I wake up early and to help out @ Pat’s big day… Our little convoy of the brother’s cars lining up to get ready to announce our arrival… “Okay guys… here’s the plan….. ” and there we have it… don’t those lovely ladies look so good behind bars The brothers […]

Shopped around Marina Square doing some last minute Christmas shopping… Took a break at the Killiney Kopitiam there… love the stuff they serve… prefer it to Ya Kun Kaya toast and the other brands… Used to wake up at 6am and drive down to the original one at Killiney Road to eat their lovely kaya […]

Hyatt Singapore

In: Holidays

16 Dec 2005

Yippie! Checked in at the Hyatt… the guy at the reception was so friendly Walked up to our hotel room and whoa!!! We were quite amazed at the size of the deluxe room (okay… we’re pretty much suaku :”> ) This is what I was greeted with the moment we stepped in (and also my […]

Rajah Inn!!!

In: Food Adventures

16 Dec 2005

Aly and I had dinner at Rajah Inn restaurant located at Tiong Bahru Plaza… Steamboat buffet!!! This is the first time we tried their buffet, we usually go for the steamboat set which only costs about $7 each! Great value! … We decided to pig out today though Our jug of Iced lemon tea and […]

Spotted this van’s messy dashboard…. goodness!!! A closer view of the coupon ridden dashboard… Is the owner just too lazy to remove them? ….Or is there another purpose to it? To confuse and make life difficult for those parking attendants?

Aly and I decided to check out this new “Hong Kong Cafe” that Kelly told us about… it’s just opposite Great World City and it’s called Tong Shui Cafe We got there around 1:30am after we survived the midnight madness sale at Marina Square earlier which ended at 1am where I got myself a blazer […]

Had a small get together at Pat’s nursery with Chee Meng and wife Carrie, Leow and wife Amy… Got there after lunch, washed my dirty car after which we played a round of mahjong where I won $25 Dinner was yummy steamboat and grill! Check out the spread! Prawns, fish, chicken, pork, tofu, vegetables, lots […]

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