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Ramen Ramen

In: Food Adventures

26 Feb 2006

Aly and I made our way down to Railway Mall along Bukit Timah Road to try out this place. It’s been around for years and featured in some variety shows on telly as well… but we’ve never got round to eating there (I hate the parking)…. We arrived there… and just as I feared… the […]

Really don’t know what to say … some people just can’t be bothered can they? I wonder why the “car park aunties” don’t fine them … At least this one ain’t that bad (‘cos it doesn’t involve another parking lot for cars… hahaha… if not I’ll be really pissed )

As we were leaving Tampines Mall, spotted a Mitsubishi Galant with a set of aftermarket lights I’ve never seen before (on a Galant) …. Interesting… I think it would’ve looked better if the car was black

Car with wings….

In: Geez!

25 Feb 2006

Check out this Toyota Altezza that we spotted on the ECP as we were headed to Tampines…. Huge GT Wing… Vortex Generator as well (guess you can’t see ‘cos it’s blocked by the huge wing) as well as full bodykit, carbon fibre boot and a huge aftermarket exhaust Nicely lit eh? Reminds me of the […]

Yippie!!! Remember the good old days when we used to gulp down huge chunks of McDonald’s milkshakes? Aly and I (sorry if we’re slow and this has been around for some time) …. Look at what we spotted at Great World City!!! We quickly joined the queue (yes, there was a queue!!!) and ordered for […]

Check out Baleno at IMM… Walked past it earlier just now…. Goodness… Free for all!!! Haven’t been to IMM for quite some time… the mini food court just outside Daiso is now some HK food thingy … but was damn crowded while we were there… gotta try it some time

The sign says… if you gotta pee… head down… if you wanna make babies, head to the right I like this one… so cute…but what on earth is it doing on the window of a clothes shop???

Check out the girl’s boots… with flowers and all… somehow… boots never did catch on here… I wonder why…

Look at the stuff they have in those UFO catcher machines in the arcades… many folks are queuing up and trying their luck with the claw… But I must admit… The stuffed Chip and Dale and Clarice… damn cute!!! Just look at all the Maries in the machine … Freaky! I swear to you… I […]

Both of us went to town after lunch … Man!!! The streets were packed!!! Look at what we spotted at Lucky Plaza Starhub banners in… is that tagalog? To cater to the many foreign workers hanging out there!!! Smart move I say!!! Just another crazy couple along the streets of busy Orchard Road

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