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Parkway Parade was having this whole mall sale during the weekend, we decided to head down to check out what good deals were available… I regretted from the moment I drove out the exit of the ECP……traffic jam!!! When we did manage to enter the car park, we had to park all the way on […]

After alot more shopping around the area, we made sure we headed to the V8 Cafe for dinner as we’ve always wanted to try it out but always forgot about it’s existance (Doesn’t help that it’s hidden at a corner) The place was packed as always … we tried in vain to catch the attention […]

Aly and I were walking around Bugis Junction and Icon, we then proceeded to Lai Lai Taiwan Beef Noodles (Liang Seah Street) for a late lunch, but we stumbled upon this place on the way there (32 Liang Seah Street) just a few outlets away from Lai Lai), hence we decided to try it out. […]

Susan Chan

In: Food Adventures

21 Apr 2006

Aly and I were just walking around looking at the various shops at Far East Plaza, the place is beginning to feel more like Argyle in Hong Kong (but still has a long way to go actually)… lots of little little shops selling clothes and stuff… lots of kids around too… We then had dinner […]


In: Music and Video

20 Apr 2006

Within Temptation – Memories In this world you tried not leaving me alone behind. There’s no other way. I prayed to the gods let him stay. The memories ease the pain inside, now I know why. Chorus: All of my memories keep you near. In silent moments imagine you here. All of my memories keep […]

Spring Court

In: Food Adventures

16 Apr 2006

Brought mum and dad to dinner at Spring Court at Chinatown with Aly…. We just settled for the set dinner for 4 as we didn’t want to think too much… Since 1929!!! Peking Duck!!! Crispy skin with sweet sauce …. yum yum… ????? Sauteed Mustard with Mushroom ???? Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & […]

Sakae Sushi

In: Food Adventures

15 Apr 2006

After walking about Arab Street looking at the interesting stuff they have, Aly and I headed to Funan to look at some software. For a place that boasts of IT products, etc. We couldn’t find a place that sold the softwares we needed. Every other shop had the same old stuff… Macromedia, Adobe and Norton […]

Check this out! My second attempt at making tea eggs …. This time round it looked better and tasted better than previously, but still lots of room for improvement … it still wasn’t tasty enough … My guinea pig being used to test out my tea eggs

Pepsi Tarik

In: Life in Fish Bowl

14 Apr 2006

Pepsi with Coffee!!! Product of Malaysia! Check it out! Tastes a little like vanilla coke actually… guess it’s ‘cos of the caramel… Interesting huh?

Rice boy at heart?

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