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Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Marina Square. Aly and I were looking for a place to have dinner when we saw a signboard outside HomeFix with some pics and the words “Hong Kong Cafe”. That was more than enough for us to hunt the place down and sample the food. Good thing that the […]

Fallen Tree

In: Life in Fish Bowl

28 May 2006

The rain was terribly heavy today … and when we drove outta the car park… there was police tape all over and the roads were blocked off… and this was what we saw… geez… hope nobody was hurt

We’ve always walked past this place and seen the folks poking around the grille, we were there pretty early, as there were seats… why not? Ordered some mushrooms wrapped with beef… interesting …. the combination was pretty good with the scent of the mushrooms and the chewy texture fused with the lovely sliced beef… yummy!!! […]

Roy sent me this photo earlier today when he was at the Suntec City car park… This dude had parked right in the middle of the driveway obstructing traffic… Goodness

Trotted over to this place at Ngee Ann City to celebrate Tong’s Birthday. We’ve heard good things about this place, but never really got round to trying it. We went for the set dinner for 4 thingy … no ??? dinner set ‘cos we didn’t book in advance Cool decor with korean words all over… […]

Pixar Cars

In: Life in Fish Bowl

1 May 2006

Hahahahaah…. Look at what I got for myself! So cute!!! Gonna place them on my dashboard… Can’t wait for the movie to be out!!!

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