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Went into JB with Aly as she wanted to look for some shoes and perhaps some DVDs as well. Roped in Tong & Kelly and we went off to explore the newly built Jusco at Tebrau City. Angela has been raving about how big and cool the place was, well… we just had to see […]

Finally brought Aly to this place to try some of the food which I had so often when I was attached the Bedok Camp back during NS years back. Pat and I used to love some of the food dished out here… The place has since been renovated and there’s a decent car park now […]

Wow…. it’s been a really long time since I’ve been to Suntec City… and now there’s this whole new food section just outside Carrefour Supermarket on the ground floor. Checked out some of the stuff they had there…. some of the stuff looked pretty interesting like the dessert stall, but what surprised us most was […]

We finally made our way down to try this famous joint at Stamford House to try out the food, Pat & Audrey have been here before as posted on their blog, now it’s our turn Cool Placemats Our order came with a salad … pretty light, not too much… just nice! Mushroom Fry (?????????) This […]

Time for dinner! Sheesh… don’t you just hate queueing up for dinner? Much to our surprise, it was already 7 and there wasn’t a queue at Swensons, so we decided to have dinner there … we still had to wait for a table though, but hey! after about 5 minutes, a queue had formed up […]

What do you call this? Korean Mixed Rice! LOL Aly and I were the only ones eating this at the restaurant. Everybody else were eating more expensive stuff and everybody else looked lots younger too…. Where on earth do these kids get their $$$ from these days??? Oh well… this was good enough for us […]

Look at that! Curry fishballs at the food festival thingy at Bugis Junction. Bought a CUP??? thinking that I would get something similar to the ones I had in Hong Kong … I was dead wrong… this thing REALLY tasted like curry fishballs, the curry tasted exactly the same as the fish curry you are […]

Aly had this one for one offer from her UOB card, so we made a reservation and headed down to try out their meat buffet. Yes… MEAT BUFFET Free flow of yummy french onion soup!!! Can’t recall just how many bowls the both of us had :”> This is my silly cat’s plate…. aiyo!!! Where […]

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