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I never understand people who list their items for sale on the net… and then when its sold…they edit it and put SOLD … is it so difficult to remove the whole ad completely Duh!!! The amount of time they take to edit the ad and insert the word SOLD can be spent by removing […]

Met Tong in the morning, he came to pick me up and I directed him to Poh Heng Tyres as he wanted to get new tyres for his car. Had breakfast at the hawker nearby, some wanton mee … and this kiddo sitting with us just sneezed right into our food!!! amp; At this rate, […]

Met Aly for dinner at HV today … been a long time since I stepped foot into Crystal Jade here …. The last time I ate here was with Pat and Audrey …. can’t recall how many months ago it was …. Anyway … Here’s what we ate …. Aly ordered some fried Mushroom and […]

It’s the 4th day since I got back from Hong Kong …. Everybody around me seems to be sick … and finally…. my throat’s getting abit sore this morning … Is my body finally giving up on me against all the germs around me? It’s so darn messy in the Skoda club, all sorts of […]

Day 07! Our last day in Hong Kong! Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Why why why why why? Told Aly I wanted to have breakfast at Xiang Jiang Sui Yue (香江歲月) … but we woke up late, so we just had brunch there lol LCD screens … playing Joey in concert … wonder if they have a broadcasting licence […]

Day 06!!! Aly’s feeling better after a day of rest… time to hit the streets again! First thing we saw outside the hotel … HK Tiong van … side skirts and all … actually… they have alot of these zipping around … quite cool Took the MTR to Tai Koo … again… cool stuff in […]

Day 05!!! Aly’s so sick today … that she didn’t want to go out … I guess it’s TVB for us all the way today Went out to grab some lunch for her … she wanted porridge … erm … where? Walked around abit … skipped a few eating places (as the food and place […]

Day 04 … hmm… where to go today? We were greeted by this sign in the lift as we left the hotel … hmm…. Took a train to Tsim Sha Tsui … it was drizzling slightly … Ended up in some cafe thingy again … Aly DOES look sick doesn’t she? All sorts of menus […]

Day 03!!! We took a train to Causeway Bay … Sogo!!! We didn’t go in however Just outside the MTR exit …. Went to this building just beside the MTR exit … Island Beverley Walked around for abit, but ended up with nothing for Aly and me as usual… nothing for guys! Started getting hungry […]

Day 2!!! Gotta get some grub!!! We were back at Mongkok again … didn’t know what to eat… so boring us … played it safe and ate at the same noodle shop we ate last year Same old stuff eh? Same menu as well … oh well …Pointed to the menu for Aly’s order … […]

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