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Headed to Alexandra Village for my favourite bah kut teh with Aly … Giam chye! So so actually… but adds variety to the rest of the meal Big pig’s intestines … yummy…. love this …. Kai lan with mushrooms… a little too oily to me … but the kai lan was cooked just nice … […]

My Microsoft mouse died on me… So got myself a new one … been using it for a few days … and I really regretted getting this one … Gaming mouse! The battery life lasts only 7hours!!! I gotta change batteries every 2 days … It’s getting quite troublesome even though the mouse is excellent […]

PSI 130

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16 Oct 2006

Cough cough cough … sigh… every year … PSI readings just went up to 130 …

Newcastle 1 – 2 Bolton Sigh…. The defence cost us the game again … Stupid Bramble… he shouldn’t even be allowed to be on the bench! ~ When when when are they gonna start winning? lt; I think Glenn Roeder is gonna be the 1st manager to get sacked this season … sigh…. Wasted my […]

Went to Jurong with Aly to Amos’ place for his baby Ashley’s first month celebration … Colin and Jeremy….. Ashton was there as well … it’s been a long time since we last saw each other … especially Ashton Aly and I then made our way to IMM … there was a KIA roadshow there […]

Yippie!!! Get it from the official site now!!! Cool features! You can now get touchline bans if you criticise the refree too much …. You can also warn your players beforehand that you’re gonna rest him so that he would be unhappy when you have him substituted mid game Can’t wait for the actual […]

Loosely translated from Child Slaves in World of Warcraft Last modified: 11 October 2006 12.26 AMSTERDAM – criminal gangs in China have found a new way to make money. The children are forced to play World of Warcraft continuously, sometimes longer than 12 hours per day. Yes… force… the kids on the hidden camera […]


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10 Oct 2006

Read in the papers a couple of days back, one of the columns mentioned something about Crocs being unfashionable and I was just wondering … Does it really matter? When I first spotted people wearing it on the streets and for sale in shops, I thought that they were really ugly and I would never […]


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9 Oct 2006

The biggest mall in Singapore opened it’s doors to the public last Saturday … Aly and I suspected that it would’ve been like what Marina Square was previously … half opened Besides, I read from the newspapers that the official opening is sometime in December anyway Aly wanted to go down today however as she […]

Aly’s “other plans”…. She dragged me to Bakerzin for some dessert after I screwed up dinner for her earlier on This is what she’s been craving for for days! The Foret Noir (Blackforest cake) from Bakerzin I must admit … it tasted pretty good …. lucky for her … it was the last piece I […]

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