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After the movie…. time for dinner! We walked around abit clueless as to what to feed ourselves … There’s this new Brazilian meat thingy called Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria. It was tempting! Buffet was $34++ … but Aly wasn’t really that hungry Oh well…. we walked about a little more before deciding to dine at … […]

Aly and I headed down to Vivocity to catch a korean flick called TIME. It’s about how this woman goes through plastic surgery to please your boyfriend. She disappears and reappears as another person to her boyfriend. It was a pretty interesting movie. Go check it out I thought this was pretty funny, especially with […]

The wrist alarms I bought from ebay arrived! Personal alarm for me to wear when I come back late at night in the quiet car park etc. Good for women too! Bought one for Aly as well… thought of buying one for my mum, but she doesn’t go out late … so didn’t think it’ll […]

櫻桃幫 Cherry Boom I’ve always had a soft spot for female rockers … hence my collection of Veruca Salt, The Breeders, Juliana Hatfield, etc. Came across this bunch of taiwanese girls not too long ago … not bad I’d say

You gotta check out this song … I’ve been listening to Nanase for many years now … her music rocks!!! Aikawa Nanase – Ai No Uta

Hooked onto these 2 songs, Tomorrow’s Way by YUI and the cantonese version Dear Fiona by Fiona Sit Which one do you folks prefer? Tomorrow’s Way – Yui Dear Fiona – Fiona Sit The jap one was released last year whereas the cantonese version came out just a few months ago

Headed to Xin Wang at Kovan from Vivocity for some supper with Tong and Kelly Aly’s french toast … we thought it was the wrong order ‘cos of the cocoa bits … but the waitress explained it comes like this … Sinful eh? Kelly’s mee sua with luncheon meat and egg…. Tong’s noodles with pork […]

After walking around the place for awhile, we searched for a place to have dinner. We spotted Earle Swensons with only a family in the queue, so we quickly joined it and got a table pretty quickly. Ordered Earl Grey Tea… and this is what I got … for $4.50. I should’ve known better. Such […]

We headed down to Vivocity again … the place was quite crowded this time round … and they had this event going on… some chinese magazine thingy with some local celabs making appearances. Check out the huge crowds the event drew… We didnt’ find anything interesting though …

How safe do you feel in Singapore? Reports of low crime rates etc…. yet robberies, theft and murders are still being reported …. sure, you might argue that it’s still less than other countries, but a low crime rate doesn’t mean no crime. At my void deck lies a so called Neighbourhood Police Post. I […]

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