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Picked Aly up from work… and we were wondering where to have dinner. We were so sick of the usual stuff….so we decided to go try out the new hk thingy (it’s been open for a few months already actually ) at Katong Village. So… just how big is it? I read in the newspapers […]

We headed to Junction 8 today as Aly wanted to pass something to Jiabi who’s working there…. I was surprised when Aly suggested going to Cafe Cartel for dinner … it’s not often that she suggests places like Cafe Cartel, Billy Bombers, etc. This green thingy …. called Blue Haven (not green ) …. comes […]

Here we are again at the branch of Hong Kong Cafe at Novena (Thomson) … this time with Fai and Kelly. Much nearer than the one at East Coast… and with better parking as well Fai’s order of stewed beef brisket rice…. yummy! Pork and chicken chop rice with Shanghai sauce Both Kelly and Aly […]

Met Aly in the afternoon … she hadn’t had her lunch, so we grabbed a bite at this place Bao Today that serves dim sum at where they used to sell coffee buns Not a very big place …. The menu … just tick whatever you want and pass it to one of the staff […]

…… that I do not have …. I will never understand … why people take an eternity at the atms … I take roughly about 2 mins to withdraw money or deposit money at the machines … whereas some dudes take a lifetime to go about their business without realising that a long queue has […]

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