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Here we are again… ended up at Xin Wang at Marina Square for dinner … Aly’s baked spaghetti… To me… just found it kinda strange… always thought of baked rice… never baked noodles Not too bad… I love noodles…so it should be okay for me My baby and her italian noodles and… here’s my boring […]

Walked from Raffles City to Marina Square …. window shopping …. Didn’t know what to eat for dinner … and didn’t want to spend so much… so Aly and I ended up at Cavana Chicken. Here’s Aly order …. on the hot plate … sweet and sour…. too much onions for her liking … Chicken […]

Bubble Tea, Coffee Buns, Pork Floss Buns and who would’ve thought? Apparently… someone did… DONUTS!!! What’s the big deal about these donuts anyway? Just check out the long queues… people actually queue for hours and fight over the donuts I read …. When I was younger, there were Dunkin Donuts all over the island and […]

Okay… I know this might sound silly… but I’ve NEVER been to Thai Express before all these years … don’t ask me why… I don’t know either … perhaps because the food might’ve been too spicy for Aly? *-) But then again, even Aly has been to Thai Express…. I wonder with who? Grrr….. Fried […]

Aly ate at this stall many years ago but didn’t know where it shifted to…. A search on the internet returned not only the new location, but rave reviews as well. We arrived early (as advised by many) and managed to get a table easily. Stood in front of the stall for some time, torn […]

This place is so near my place, yet we haven’t explored it …. was driving home when Aly suggested we go check out the place …. I was just afraid of the parking …. but it wasn’t too difficult tonight thankfully We got ourselves a “room” inside on the ground floor (didn’t wanna feed mozzies […]

Had craving for fried dark hokkien mee… and I only know of one last place that whips up this version of the popular dish… which is at Newton …. so off we went with Tong and Kelly!!! I miss the one that used to be from Cuppage Food Centre which then shifted to Orchard Point […]

Golden Mile Food Centre at Beach Road …. I dread going to this place previously…. as there was only a reason for me being there… which was to buy army stuff…. However, I’ve been going there quite often these days as the food centre there has quite a number of good stalls such as the […]

Craving for Japanese food? We were! So we headed down to Ikoi at Miramar…. darn…the whole place was packed and they showed us to the door asking us to book 2 weeks in advance…. Oh well… Where else to go? We decided to give Hanabi a try… I’ve read about this place before on some […]

?????????hahahaha Aly and I met up with Angela and Jackson, Tong and Kelly at Botak Jones Clementi…. We got there around 6pm, thankfully the rest of them were already there and got a table, the rest of the tables were already taken!!! Botak Jone’s yellow menus … spoilt for choice, Mr Tong. taking down the […]

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