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Went to AMK HUB with Aly …. after exploring the new interchange and the shops around there, we went to hunt for food. Ended up nearby at the food centre at Blk 711 Ordered Ngo Hiang to share with Aly … The usual stuff I normally order…. fish balls…fried tofu is a must… yummy octopus… […]

Was around Hong Lim complex…. needed to fill our tummies …. Wanted to eat the famous curry noodles … but it was on the ground level…. and Aly wanted to eat the famous crayfish hor fun upstairs… oh well… since I’ve never had it before, thought I’d give it a try. There was a long […]

Picked Aly, mum and dad up for dinner. Had reserved a table at Zi Yean at the open air section as the air conditioned section was already fully booked. I’ve heard many good things about this place and so thought of trying out the place with mum and dad. Yu Sheng with salmon! ($30) One […]

Chinese New Year Gathering – Met up with my bunch of platoon mates and their wives (with the exception of TKL ) for lunch at Soup Restaurant United Square. Pat and Audrey brought baby Callum along as well, his first CNY celebrations with us Nice and neat … all ready for us to ….. Toss […]

Shophouses along Upper Cross Street (opposite Chinatown Point)… If you walk along the shophouses (starting from the Hotel 81 end, you would come across a shop selling soy sauce chicken noodles with the name Chiew Kee …. further down towards the other end, you would find another shop with the same name selling the same […]

Aburiya @ Holland Village…. we’ve walked past this place several times…. but only decided to give it a try now … The menu was a little confusing at first, but not too difficult either. We went with 2 different sets to try out the different types of stuff they had. Was tempted to try the […]

2nd day of Chinese New Year to be exact …. Early morning of the 3rd day … at 1am Supper at HK Cafe at East Coast with Tong & Kelly. Not many places were opened at this time and during Chinese New Year as well. Here’s my hungry kitty ready to fight for her food […]

Reunion Dinner 2007!!! Steamboat yum yum… mum sent me out to buy fishballs this afternoon, she told me to get 2 small packets … so I bought 2! The stall at the market were selling small packs (20 fish balls) and big packs (30 fish balls) I just bought 2 small ones without much thought […]

Went to check out Satsuma Shochu bar @ The Gallery Hotel. This place has got more than 50 types of shochu to taste. What is shochu you ask? Well… it’s a distilled spirit with an alchohol content of 25% or more than your average sake. While Sake is brewed from rice, shochu can be brewed […]

Had dinner at this new Bah Kut Teh outlet at the food court in the basement of Parkway Parade. It’s got it’s own section and seating area Lime Juice ($1.80) Zesty!!! Refreshing and not too sour Bah Kut Teh + You Tiao ($6) + Rice ($0.50) + Pickled Vegetable ($2) The you tiao was toasted […]

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