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Aly and I decided to make our own pop corn today, just for the fun of it (and for munching of ‘cos ) Bought some at Cold Storage …. Added some oil and then placed the corn into the pan with the lid on … and then wait for the corn to start popping when […]

Look at what my kitty did to me!!! I’m now a scarred mao thanks to Aly…. Grrrr…. I should de-claw her that stupid kitty I can’t recall just how many times I’ve asked her to cut her nails…. GROWL!!!

Almost every year, I hear Angela and Jackson, Tong and Kelly talking about this Natas thingy…. Never been to one, not interested either. So why did I go this year? Beats me…. guess Aly and I were just too bored – of Singapore … Therefore we decided to just take a look to see if […]

Yet Con … famous place for Chicken rice… yet, I haven’t tried it … I’ve always been a faithful Chin Chin chicken rice boy since I started working at Raffles City 7-8yrs back Since 1940! To think that this is my first time here Kelly looking through the menu…. Besides chicken rice, there’s also zi […]

Met Pat and Audrey and Callum for dim sum at Turf City. Place? Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant. I found it strange when they told me… er… dim sum… at Ah Yat… what the??? They have promotions going on… do check out the place … The current promo is 50% off on Dim sum from Monday-Saturday […]

Yes… seriously… when Aly and I went for dinner at the food court at Velocity (Novena), her order of the Korean mixed rice (Bi Bim Bap) came with a fried egg… not the usual raw egg Aly wasn’t amused 

After watching some variety programme on telly… Aly and I decided to try out this ramen place opened by some chinese national …. the stuff that come up on tv looked pretty yummy…. It wasn’t too difficult to locate the place at the top floor. We had to queue for awhile… guess the free (or […]

Kim Gary II? Our second visit to the place… not their second branch or something “Fresh Lemon Tea” ($2.50) for Aly …. You mean there are places that serve …er … not so fresh lemon tea? Your typical hk-style lemon tea…. beats Season’s canned ones anytime… anyplace… I’ve tried their milk tea… time to try […]

I’ve always preferred tea to coffee … Many of you would know I’m an Oolong person Besides that I love other types of tea as well… I’ve long heard of Essential Brew and been dying to try out their tea infused cuisine … Finally managed to get Aly together with Tong and Kelly to try […]

Why are there so many Bakerzin outlets? No escape from their desserts with Aly around Popped in to chill out for awhile after dinner at Kim Gary Lavender Lime ($5.80) … typical… tasted like carbonated cough syrup Okay for me as I’ve had many cans of Cherry 7-Up during my NS Aly made a face […]

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