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Went to the Olive Tree Restaurant for our breakfast…. Round 1 !!! Round 2 !!! Omelette was good Free flow of tea too …. and that’s it … that’s the end of our stay at the Intercontinental … thanks baby for the experience

After walking around Lavender… we headed back to Bugis for some shopping at Bugis Junction and Bugis Village…. Dinner time came pretty quickly and we were both famished We walked past this poster/banner…. Hey! Isn’t that Roger Kwok? (Hong Kong TVB Actor) Hmmm…. another HK Cafe thingy… Aly and I decided to try it out […]

Aly arranged for a night’s stay at the Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis to de-stress Took many pics of the room…. sorry about the poor lighting Here’s a panoramic shot of the bedroom It was a long walk from the lift lobby to our room… a REALLY long walk Here’s what you see when from the […]

I’m currently hooked on Amaranth, the new single from Nightwish’s new album “Dark Passion Play” … New lead vocalist Anette hasn’t got the strong operatic vocals of Tarja which is a shame for fans of Nightwish, as Tarja’s voice was the reason why I’m a big fan… However after listening to this song on repeat […]

It’s our anniversary!!! Every eating joint was packed at Marina Square … sheesh … Tried our luck at Waraku and surprise surprise! We were 2nd in the queue… Waitress asked us if we would mind a counter seat or continue to wait for a table… HUNGRY!!! So we took the counter seat … erm… we […]

I love hainanese curry rice… usually getting my fix at the Tiong Bahru and Redhill food centres … Little did I know that just diagonally across the Tiong Bahru food centre was another place that has been serving up yummy hainanese curry rice for years Silly me …. Silly us (Aly and me ) Who […]

As some of you know, I’ve been operating a small biz at Vivocity for the past 3mths (which explains the lack of updates here) … My lease will be expiring this Sunday … much as I’m sad to let go, I am in many ways happy to leave as well. It’s been an experience so […]

Yeah…. I know this song’s been around for quite some time already… but I really like it… doesn’t the MTV remind you of Ladder49 as well? Except the ending’s different from the movie Watch the mtv here NICKELBACK “Far Away” This time, This place Misused, Mistakes Too long, Too late Who was I to […]

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