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Everyone was snapping pics of this … erm … Christmas tree at VivoCity…. so I just took a shot as well

Was in the area with Vivian … had a quick lunch at this stall. It was the only stall there with a queue… long queue to be precise. Okay… I’m no fish expert … I have no clue what type of fish this is…. but it’s certainly different from my favorite fish soup stall at […]

Christmas is near!!! It’s been a long time since Aly and I took photos at Orchard Road during the Christmas lightup… Think the last one we took was in 2002?

Aly had tried the food here before with her colleagues … it’s my first time here though … Jack’s has ventured into the seafood territory after many years dabbling in steaks… But then again, they’ve always had seafood in their menu … so I guess it shouldn’t be that bad Complimentary garlic bread … just […]

Went to check out this popular place with Aly, Vivian and Perry Mellben Seafood Catering …. we went early as we were told that it gets very crowded fast… This place has been featured in many food programmes on television … Got there around 630pm and there was already a queue and the place was […]

Vivian swore that this was one of the best chocolate cakes she’s had… she could eat the entire cake on her own So when I dropped her off to buy the cake, I got her to help buy one for me as well…. Rich choco…. sinful… It was soft…. and tasted like chocolate… sorry folks […]

Total of 5 times now …. They called me while I was in class today (caller id no. 65362752) … pissing me off in the process causing me to curse and swear in front of everyone. Vivian had a good laugh while I was swearing at the caller. NOT FUNNY Got another missed call when […]

YES… Seriously…I am so fucking pissed… words can’t describe how pissed I am… These idiots called me about a month ago with my number… and they don’t even have a correct name, asking for Simon each time…. Wrong name… nevermind… I told them that I wasn’t interested in signing up with them…. not them nor […]

We were with Vivian and Perry…. she suggested going to this place at Elias Road where she had good crab previously with her friends… Aly wouldn’t have argued with that! Found the place … Seafood Kitchen…. it was a damn long journey though It’s basically one of those seafood zi char stalls at a coffeeshop […]

Met Aly for dinner Bugis Junction…. we ate at the newly renovated food court on the 3rd level…. Had craving for Nasi Briyani! This was yummy… but expensive though… too little rice as well… achar went well with the nasi Aly had stewed beef kuey teow… nice but pricey too… everything here is expensive

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