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Darn it … we wanted to order the pork knuckle … but they ran out of it … since we were already seated… Might as well try the food and beer since we haven’t been here before Paulaner! Very smooth… makes you never want to go back to your Anchors and Tigers Trying to get […]

Aly and I met Shirley for lunch at Thai Express at Raffles City… Yam Mamuang (Mango Salad) …. on Shirley’s request… Tom Yum Talay (Tom Yum Soup with Seafood) … Only for Shirley and me ‘cos Aly can’t take spicy stuff… Khao Phat ThaiExpress (Fried Rice with seafood) – Shirley’s order… Darn… what the heck […]

Muahwahahahahaa!!!! I finally got myself a new phone … Finally don’t have to carry both my big iPAQ 3715 pda and Nokia N70 mobile phone around This baby comes with 3.5G(HSDPA), GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3mp camera, Intel 520mhz processor… etc. Read more about this all in one device at the url below

We’ve always wanted to try this out…. but the branch at Marina Square is always packed with a long queue… We were early at The Central this time round, but we still had to queue…. since we had time to kill and we weren’t super hungry … we joined the queue and waited for a […]

Shop shop shop … and ended up at Bishamon @ Raffles City. We’ve never tried this place before … Aly’s order of Miso Ramen ($13.50) My order of Shoyu Ramen ($12.50) Erm? Looks the same as Aly’s Miso Ramen doesn’t it? Has the same big and thick slice of meat as well, just that mine […]

Hmm… looks like they’ve opened up a new outlet at Novena Square … It’s lots bigger than their other outlets and best of all… no long queues… Not that I’m a big fan of donuts by the way I just don’t see the hype…. Back when Dunkin’ Donuts was everywhere … I didn’t eat much […]

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