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Another place that has been around for years and we’ve never patronised it before… Read some positive reviews on the place a few weeks back, so decided to give it a try today We walked past Kuishin Bo… which was packed with a long queue as usual and headed to Shillawon… place was kinda packed […]

Didn’t bring my camera … forgot my wallet as well…. and Aly suggested going to Kitchen MoguMogu at Far East Plaza to try out the food and to take photos Well done There’s a big menu on top of the machines…. machines??? There are 2 machines in the restaurant …. plus a girl who will […]

Our last day in Bangkok Will I miss the breakfast here? Last day… must be a good boy…. so I grabbed some salad Took the train…. If only the train stations in Singapore were this empty… I would gladly switch to public transport On Nut … where are the nuts? Okay… sorry… corny… I know […]

Buffet Breakfast on Day 04!!! Hahahaa… I’m soooo looking forward to it Sunny side up egg this time! with the same same ham… same same sausages… abit of fried rice… There’s fried noodles today… not bad …. some egg plant… and got myself some scrambled eggs as well… got sick of the omelette Round 2! […]

It’s Day 03 already … how time flies …. my ankle’s beginning to give me problems already …. ouch … You guys must be wondering how boring it is to eat the same thing every morning lol … Well… add variety! Mix and match your own boiled rice (porridge) I added lots of minced pork […]

Wakey Wakey!!! Time for our breakfast to kick off the furious shopping … Alamak… same thing… hahaha… oh well… once a year ain’t that bad Same old tea…. as last year… Same old boiled rice … Here’s something new … caucasian cooking his own omelette Seems she didn’t understand his instructions, so he just grabbed […]

First of all… gotta thank TKL for taking the trouble to fetch us to the airport (even though I drove my own car ) and for driving my car back to my place Thanks man… hope your boss doesn’t see this post Gotta grab some food as the flight’s close to 7pm and … erm… […]

Crappy dinner!!! Still hungry!!! Had to eat something to make up for it Off to the The Roti Prata House along Upper Thomson Road we went Here’s the menu … didn’t know what to order Everything seemed good… especially after that fishy steamboat Smiling already? Okay… funny prata man just came up beside me to […]

Mario Kitchen…. what’s a Korean restaurant doing with a name like Mario? It makes me think of the plumber in red and blue (Nintendo icon Super Mario) and Mario is italian …weird… Thankfully I think we will never see Luigi (Mario’s brother – the one with the green overalls lol ) Japanese restaurant or something […]

Finally! After going to 101 shoe shops and trying to buy it on the internet without success… Popped into Peninsular Plaza and found the shoe I’ve been looking for for months! Adidas Adi Racer Low In blue! Love that Goodyear logo lol I feel more sporty and ready to race with these

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