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ECP … East Coast Park … not the expressway Headed there with Aly and her sis Samantha for dinner after that round of clothes shopping at Chinatown Sam had the Gold Medal Macau Baked Rice ($14.80) which is actually pork chop with tomato sauce, Chicken chop with portuguese sauce and seafood with cream sauce all […]

Pat’s birthday!!! Well… actually not… it was yesterday But he wasn’t free… so we’re “celebrating” today instead with dinner at Botak Jones @ Depot Road The place was quite empty when we got there…. thank goodness… not as crazy as the one at Clementi We got some spicy fries ($3.50) to share…. wasn’t all that […]

Dad’s birthday! We went to mezza9 for dinner even though I would rather have had steamboat or something lol…. not a big fan of expensive places… I feel more at home dining at a hawker centre Ya ya… I’m cheapo Some bread to start off with …. to be eaten with this dipping sauce… couldn’t […]

Lazy Saturday … as usual, Aly and I are clueless as to where to spend our time… It’s so boring in Singapore … sigh… We decided to head to T3 at Changi Airport, hopefully to get away from the crowd in town… Ended up at Dian Xiao Er for dinner… and we had to queue! […]

Met Aly for dinner after I left Fai’s place. Aly has always wanted to try the seafood pasta at Bakerzin as the boss Chef Daniel’s speciality was that…. Iced Passion Bitter Orange Tea ($6.20) Don’t know how to describe this… but I liked it You gotta go try it for yourself… ya … I know […]

How NOT to handle a baby … look at poor Breanna at the hands of Godpa Okay… poor girl has calmed down already … Probably ‘cos she knows Godpa will bring her out to eat lots of yummy food when she grows up

How we ended up having dinner is beyond me… perhaps it’s that grumpy hungry cat pictured above who demanded it Niniku Maruage ($5.80) I love roasted garlic… and it’s not often that you get it in restaurants (sheesh… I should do it myself at home next tine and save the $$$ ) Aly’s order of […]

As the car was parked at Raffles City, we headed back to the mall after dinner. Walked past Canelé and Aly couldn’t resist having dessert (what’s with women and desserts? ) She ordered a slice of this…. I’m not much of a cake person as you guys know… so this was erm…. okay to me? […]

Aly wanted to eat something soupy…. we were at Raffles City… walked around awhile … and decided to go to CityLink Mall instead. Ended up at the Asian Kitchen. Ice Lemon Tea ($4) … tasted more like cheng teng Pork Dumplings ($3.90) … not much to shout about Village Tofu ($4.90) with thai chilli sauce… […]

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