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My order of Spicy Beef Soup (SGD8.80) Comes with a bowl of rice… Preferred the spicy chicken soup I had the last time I was here… Somehow today the soup was just plain tasteless and too spicy for my liking… Spicy Rice Cakes (SGD4.80) Expensive for just rice…. but tasted pretty good and has a […]

Was suppose to come here with Shirley for dinner, but she couldn’t make it at the last minute, so Aly and I decided to proceed without her anyway Fresh seafood …. We ordered this spinach dish with egg, salted egg and preserved egg. Very nice! Wonder how difficult it would be to make this at […]

Read in the newspapers about how they turned part of the basement at Jurong Point into what they call Osaka Street, with about 6 different restaurants churning out japanese food (mostly managed by the RE&S Group) After walking around Dempsey, we decided to check the Osaka Street out and see if we could get any […]

Chilling out at Jones the Grocer with baby… Damn sleepy… got myself an Iced Coffee (SGD6.50) Aly wanted to munch something…. Tapas Wagyu Tartare with truffle (SGD9.50) is what she ordered … Taking the plunge…. Happy kitty? We bought some other stuff here as well… some turkish delight… strawberry jam… honeycombs… etc…. Total bill was […]

Kitty all smiles whenever there’s dessert I am NOT a Man Utd supporter Aly’s Rum Raisin Chocolate Truffle (SGD4.50) Small leh … and what’s with the “antennas”? Cereal Fish Bites (SGD7.90) Look more like tentacles Delicious dip for the fingers… yummy Minty Lychee Tea Freeze (SGD6.80) – Refreshing! Good if you’re having a headache Real […]

Had dinner at the Marina Square Food Loft … Was in need of some HK stuff… so we had Old Trolley noodle which is operated by the same guys at the Old Hong Kong Tea House at Katong Village Good thing we chose to eat this as well as it has it’s own seating area, […]

Had dinner with Aly at Food Junction at Century Square. Aly had the chicken noodles… not too bad… I got the cold noodles… the texture of the noodles were chewy… and I really mean chewy…. By the end of the meal my jaws were numb But it was good! Nice chewy springy texture Bad thing? […]

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