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We were at Wheelock Place just checking out some stuff … and then we walked past this place. No queue!!! Dinner time!!! We didn’t have to think twice… I hate queueing up to eat It’s our first time dining at this chain…. think they have another outlet at The Central Place is pretty warm and […]

After Chin Mei Chin … we actually went back home and took a nap lol…. After which we headed to cold storage at Great World City and bought some stuff home to cook… Bought some dou miao… this was terrible!!! Simply old and unchewable…. I whipped up some cod fish after slicing it up and […]

Aly has been bugging me about Chin Mei Chin for many months now …. Believe me when I say many many many months and so…. finally managed to wake up early … and we headed down to Katong to satisfy her needs … tsk tsk… Hmm… the building seems repainted and with a new signboard […]

As usual, we were in town and didn’t know where to eat… sigh… Ended up at The Heeren trying out this new eatery called Dai Ka Jie (大家姐) (Big Sister) Judging by the name, this place serves cantonese cuisine? Iced lemon tea ($4) Not really to my liking…. Beef Stew Noodles ($10.80) Okay… beef was […]

ahMao is attempting to cook Bah Kut Teh! First of all… must get the sauces right Garlic and chilli padi … check! Went to Giant and picked up 2 different bottles of soy sauce. One was totally crappy… the other was just what I was looking for… sweet and thick The third sauce you see […]

This was the place that Pat and Audrey suggested yesterday… and I said no ‘cos I didn’t want to eat burgers … Then I met up with Tong and Kelly at Rail Mall for supper and ended up at …. Blooie’s … Pat and Audrey are sooooo gonna kill me…. But I didn’t choose the […]

Pat and Audrey are buying me dinner for my birthday They suggested Blooie’s… but I wasn’t too keen on eating burgers…. We ended up at Parkway Parade and I jumped at the chance to eat indonesian food since Aly wasn’t around Look at Callum … and his parade of cars…. the penguin is abit odd […]

It’s AhMao’s birthday! Must mum mum super yummy stuff We headed to Ju Shin Jung at Yess Centre along West Coast Road We were served with plain water and tea …. tasted like barley tea… didn’t ask We got a table near the entrance…. had to sit down japanese style on the floor Nice set […]

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