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After all those warehouse sale visits, Aly and I ended up walking around City Plaza exploring the area We then met up with Sam again for dinner at Paradise on Earth Steamboat at Katong. They’ve expanded once again further down (214 Tanjong Katong) from where they are (200 Tanjong Katong) Good thing we made a […]

We also went for the Royal Sporting House and G2000 warehouse sale nearby at the Kallang Basin area before breaking for lunch. Ended up at Sin Fong Restaurant …. note that it’s a coffeeshop although it’s called a restaurant lol China apple drink anyone? We ordered a set thingy for 3 … Fried intestines! Hard […]

Started the day off in the morning ferrying Aly and her sis to the Charles and Keith Warehouse sale tucked away somewhere at Ubi/Kaki Bukit area. We arrived at 930am and there was already a long queue Good thing we arrived that early as well as the place soon become chaotic and there wasn’t a […]

Was around the area as Aly had just gone to her tailor to alter some clothes… So we decided to have curry rice for lunch Kong Bah!!! Meat!!! Yummy!!! Not too salty… nice! Hor Pao Dan! With dark soy sauce dribbled over … Pork chop! I always wondered why they called this pork chop… where’s […]

Safety pins! Cute eh? Look at what’s printed behind! …. Full of idea!!!! Here’s another crazy thing… sheets for removing scum on a ladle!!! Hilarious! 20 pieces in the package… for 20 scums!!! Wondering Engrish! Wrong grammar all the way as well

Had dinner at Pasta De Waraku again … had cravings for Tomato cream sauce Baby with the giant menu Iced Coffee for me! ($2.80) Only added abit of syrup… didn’t feel like having milk coffee today I had Chicken and mushroom spaghetti in tomato cream sauce ($12.80) Can’t take too much tomato sauce these days […]

After playing the game demo a week before today, I was hooked on the new 3D match engine… way cool… gotta play it to experience it …. and…. …… Finally! After waiting for hours for the product to arrive at Tecdrom (and months for the game to be released) … I got my hands on […]

Aly was on leave today … so we spent some time walking around Suntec before stopping for a bite at Bakerzin Aly ordered a mix and match of some dessert tapas and ice cream Rum & raisin ice cream… not much into this one… Aly eats rum & raisin ice cream alot though Vanilla crème […]

Went to Seafood Kitchen with Aly and Shirley. It was Shirley’s long overdue birthday treat Coffee pork ribs! Sticky gooey yummy! Hope I can sleep tonight Brocolli … portion was damn small What Shirley is here for … crabs! Chilli crabs … sticky gooey yummy again!!! Man tou to eat with the chilli crab gravy […]

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