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This is interesting …. What do you guys think? Super Affiliate Marketing Always wondered about internet marketing … perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and make some pocket money!

Arrrgh!!! This really makes me want to go to Korea now!!!

Safety pins! Cute eh? Look at what’s printed behind! …. Full of idea!!!! Here’s another crazy thing… sheets for removing scum on a ladle!!! Hilarious! 20 pieces in the package… for 20 scums!!! Wondering Engrish! Wrong grammar all the way as well

After playing the game demo a week before today, I was hooked on the new 3D match engine… way cool… gotta play it to experience it …. and…. …… Finally! After waiting for hours for the product to arrive at Tecdrom (and months for the game to be released) … I got my hands on […]

Muahwahahahahaa!!!! I finally got myself a new phone … Finally don’t have to carry both my big iPAQ 3715 pda and Nokia N70 mobile phone around This baby comes with 3.5G(HSDPA), GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, 3mp camera, Intel 520mhz processor… etc. Read more about this all in one device at the url below

Look what I bought! hee hee… cute? Hello Kitty Mallow Pops…. Hmm… Bottom layer is marshmallow… top layer is made up of icing sugar… Baby and I devouring our kitty Hahahahaa…. we’re sadistic > The icing sugar’s REALLY hard…. and reeeaaaallllyyyy swwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt Yummy…. the eyes were tasty

I couldn’t resist buying these when I saw them at the supermarket lol Just so cute… I’m a soccer nut in case you don’t already know Look at those balls …. I bet there are Hello Kitty ones in Japan

Look at what I got in the mail today!!! Took part in some contest online after watching the Asian Food Channel…. and I won!!! Cool More food for ah mao and ah mew

Almost every year, I hear Angela and Jackson, Tong and Kelly talking about this Natas thingy…. Never been to one, not interested either. So why did I go this year? Beats me…. guess Aly and I were just too bored – of Singapore … Therefore we decided to just take a look to see if […]

Went to check out Satsuma Shochu bar @ The Gallery Hotel. This place has got more than 50 types of shochu to taste. What is shochu you ask? Well… it’s a distilled spirit with an alchohol content of 25% or more than your average sake. While Sake is brewed from rice, shochu can be brewed […]

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