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The first was 11yrs ago.   It was my 3rd yr anniversary with Aly.   We were on our way back from our celebration when I got involved in an accident.   We were alright, but I lost a dear friend that night.   At the same time, overseas, my friend had passed away from […]

The table is set! Brought my steamboat thingy over to their place Some processed food we bought from the supermarket…. Lots of balls Gotta have my fishballs when it comes to steamboat Some chicken filet that’s marinated in some bbq sauce I think… by Kelly… Sliced bacon and pork…. and of ‘cos… MUST HAVE beef […]

Went to Seafood Kitchen with Aly and Shirley. It was Shirley’s long overdue birthday treat Coffee pork ribs! Sticky gooey yummy! Hope I can sleep tonight Brocolli … portion was damn small What Shirley is here for … crabs! Chilli crabs … sticky gooey yummy again!!! Man tou to eat with the chilli crab gravy […]

This was the place that Pat and Audrey suggested yesterday… and I said no ‘cos I didn’t want to eat burgers … Then I met up with Tong and Kelly at Rail Mall for supper and ended up at …. Blooie’s … Pat and Audrey are sooooo gonna kill me…. But I didn’t choose the […]

Pat and Audrey are buying me dinner for my birthday They suggested Blooie’s… but I wasn’t too keen on eating burgers…. We ended up at Parkway Parade and I jumped at the chance to eat indonesian food since Aly wasn’t around Look at Callum … and his parade of cars…. the penguin is abit odd […]

It’s AhMao’s birthday! Must mum mum super yummy stuff We headed to Ju Shin Jung at Yess Centre along West Coast Road We were served with plain water and tea …. tasted like barley tea… didn’t ask We got a table near the entrance…. had to sit down japanese style on the floor Nice set […]

Pat’s birthday!!! Well… actually not… it was yesterday But he wasn’t free… so we’re “celebrating” today instead with dinner at Botak Jones @ Depot Road The place was quite empty when we got there…. thank goodness… not as crazy as the one at Clementi We got some spicy fries ($3.50) to share…. wasn’t all that […]

How NOT to handle a baby … look at poor Breanna at the hands of Godpa Okay… poor girl has calmed down already … Probably ‘cos she knows Godpa will bring her out to eat lots of yummy food when she grows up

C-Nai Hong Kong Seafood & Steamboat … read with great anticipation on Hong Kong Cafe’s website that they’ve opened up this steamboat thingy at the Oasis located at Kallang…. gathered up Aly and Fai and Kelly (Tong = Fai ) and headed off to try it out. We arrived early… not too many people … […]

新海山 (Xin Hai Shan) … this place has been around since my parent’s time … Been here quite often when I was younger with my parents and sis …. But haven’t been here for donkey years …. So made a trip down with Fai and Kelly It’s been so long… I didn’t even know they […]

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