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For the life of me … the service is really lacking … This is the 2nd time already in a few weeks that I’ve got fed up and bought my stuff from elsewhere…. 2 different branches, 1 at IMM and now at Compass Pt where the place seems to be understaffed… and whatever remaining staff […]

Applied for Deferment from NS … Stupid reply I got from them was that work commitment does not constitute valid grounds for deferment. Can someone tell me then why the hell did they include work commitment under the drop down menu at the deferment page? They also mentioned that I had to note that I […]

Newcastle drew with Portsmouth last night. They needed a win desperately. All they could muster was a miserable point. With the error prone David James in goal, you would’ve thought it would be easy. Owen is way past his due date like I mentioned before. All the missed chances squandered by him and Martins would […]

Sigh… With the remaining fixtures, I can’t foresee any miracles that can save the club against relegation. With the incompetent fools running the club and the stand-in managers (even Joe Kinnear himself is crap), looks like we’re destined to go down. I never understood why Shola Ameobi, one of the laziest and unskilled footballers (if […]

Total of 5 times now …. They called me while I was in class today (caller id no. 65362752) … pissing me off in the process causing me to curse and swear in front of everyone. Vivian had a good laugh while I was swearing at the caller. NOT FUNNY Got another missed call when […]

YES… Seriously…I am so fucking pissed… words can’t describe how pissed I am… These idiots called me about a month ago with my number… and they don’t even have a correct name, asking for Simon each time…. Wrong name… nevermind… I told them that I wasn’t interested in signing up with them…. not them nor […]

I’ve always wondered … why do these malls have such long pathways that lead to the loo? Ngee Ann City, Vivocity, just to name a few… is it because of the smell? That they seclude the loo far far away from where the retail shops are? Take a trip down to the loo which is […]

Arrrgh!!!! Air con is dripping water…. home PC is acting up … takes forever to boot and shutdown and applications are all hanging up …. sigh… Car boost hose is cracked… causing the car to be sluggish and eating up lots of fuel … my fuel consumption is now 5km/L!!! Insane!!! Geez … and I […]

I got a letter from my doc to get a downgrade in Feb. I was suppose to hand it over to the medical officer at my unit. I tried in vain for several weeks to get in touch with him. The clerk, one Pte. Zhong kept telling me he was away for training, conferences, etc. I […]

Look at what my kitty did to me!!! I’m now a scarred mao thanks to Aly…. Grrrr…. I should de-claw her that stupid kitty I can’t recall just how many times I’ve asked her to cut her nails…. GROWL!!!

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