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Hong Kong 2009 Day 05 LAST DAY…. and not much time for anything…. we woke early… took the bus to the airport…. and then proceeded to have breakfast before boarding the plane…. Chao Inn was our choice for breakfast…. Here’s the website Teacup…. People here are always reading their papers over dim sum…. Not much […]

Hong Kong 2009 Day 04!!! Rise and shine!!! Our “last” day in Hong Kong Had to make the most of it… so we woke up really early …… …. so that we could check this place out! The all famous Lin Heung Teahouse!!! When Aly said she wanted to check this place out… I was […]

Hong Kong 2009 Day 03!!! Who is this masked crusader?! Who is she?! Where is my cute baby?!!! We brought Aud to Sing Heung Yuen for lunch The place is packed as anticipated. We got seats in a short while though Wah… check out the chipped bowls Aly had iced milk tea I had iced […]

Day 02 in Hong Kong. The plan was to grab a quick lunch before heading to Telford Plaza. We walked around the area near where we were staying looking for some place to eat and then ended up at the same place we had lunch on our previous 2 visits (ya… we’re boring lol… anyway […]

Woo hoo!!!! 3am… middle of the night lol… Caught a cab and went to fetch Aly and her brother…. and off to the airport we went! Budget flight… no meals served on board (There are actually… but at crazy prices…. ) We took Jetstar by the way No food on board…. so we grabbed a […]

Last day in Hong Kong!!! Sob sob sigh… after that it’s back to boring Singapore Sucky!!! Always get this sucky feeling on the last day Anyway… it’s mummy’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday mum!!! Hope you have a good celebration with sis and Dave and Rachel and dad and Bert and Chloe and another birthday wish for […]

Day 06!!! Hmm… wasn’t this in black the other day…. oh… the other end is black… So here’s a yellow tile shot Another failed attempt We woke kinda early (or just in time for lunch) to head back to Gough Street to get my fix of cow noodles… at Kau Kee (九記牛腩) Jialat lah… I […]

Had a tiff with Aly this morning …. We were suppose to wake early to go eat dim sum… But I didn’t know where or which one to go to… she said she already told me to decide… plan… etc. So I just decided to go the Maxim’s Palace at City Hall…. ‘cos I thought […]

Day 04!!!! Had to wake early to do some last minute packing as we were checking out to head to the next place we would stay for the next few days …. After packing up, we headed downstairs to the Prudential Center Mall to shop around…. Again… business must be really bad… sales wanted …. […]

Day 03!!!! Woke up early again as we planned to have brunch at Kau Kee. Read up about this place online before the trip and read many rave reviews on it including some really good photos of the food. We found our way there only to realise that it still wasn’t opened yet… it was […]

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