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Roy sent me this photo earlier today when he was at the Suntec City car park… This dude had parked right in the middle of the driveway obstructing traffic… Goodness

Seriously… what’s up with this guy??? Is the MINI really that BIG??? Aiyo… really don’t know what to say about this one… Feline caught in action on all fours!

Really don’t know what to say … some people just can’t be bothered can they? I wonder why the “car park aunties” don’t fine them … At least this one ain’t that bad (‘cos it doesn’t involve another parking lot for cars… hahaha… if not I’ll be really pissed )

Do these people ever learn? Goodness… It’s not like the car park’s full! Well, hopefully the owner of this car learns this time. He got a $50 fine.

The title says it all… Why are people getting away with such things these days? Goodness….

Talk about being simply bochap Some dude at Tampines Mall carpark

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