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It’s been a long long time! Haven’t blogged for a year now? No doubt thanks to Facebook …. it’s so much easier for my friends to stay in touch …. they would see my updates on Facebook and would never have energy to visit my blog lol Anyway … I’m still alive and kicking as […]

This is interesting …. What do you guys think? Super Affiliate Marketing Always wondered about internet marketing … perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and make some pocket money!

Blogging from my spanking new (not so new by now actually) iPhone 4 … Hee hee Typing is a chore though … Still yet to get used to it but at least I am finally free from the stupid lag I got all the time from the HTC HD2 … Grrr Happy now … Finally […]

Arrrgh!!! This really makes me want to go to Korea now!!!

For the life of me … the service is really lacking … This is the 2nd time already in a few weeks that I’ve got fed up and bought my stuff from elsewhere…. 2 different branches, 1 at IMM and now at Compass Pt where the place seems to be understaffed… and whatever remaining staff […]

Applied for Deferment from NS … Stupid reply I got from them was that work commitment does not constitute valid grounds for deferment. Can someone tell me then why the hell did they include work commitment under the drop down menu at the deferment page? They also mentioned that I had to note that I […]

Desperately need to replace my Asus P750. I love the phone, but it’s been screwing up like crazy lately… and I need my phone more than ever for work. 4 different OS to consider… iphone, android, winmobile and symbian. I need threaded messenging. I never understood how I survived (back in the old days) with […]

This is the result of my run last night… 18 rounds… at the 15th round onwards… my right knee and calf felt like it was going to give way … I had to stop for awhile and massage my leg before continuing on the last 3 rounds as I was targetting at least 7km … […]

I am shutting down the site indefinitely. I don’t have the time or the drive to continue on this journey. My life is in shambles and I’m all alone. I can’t do this anymore.

Newcastle drew with Portsmouth last night. They needed a win desperately. All they could muster was a miserable point. With the error prone David James in goal, you would’ve thought it would be easy. Owen is way past his due date like I mentioned before. All the missed chances squandered by him and Martins would […]

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