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10 Nov 2006

After walking around the place for awhile, we searched for a place to have dinner. We spotted Earle Swensons with only a family in the queue, so we quickly joined it and got a table pretty quickly.

Ordered Earl Grey Tea… and this is what I got … for $4.50. I should’ve known better. Such a small cup and just a teabag from Dilmah which probably sells for a box of 10 or something for less at the supermarket :-s

The salad from the buffet salad bar which came free with the main course that Aly and I ordered.

Nothing to shout about as the variety was quite pathetic honestly.

My order of Chicken cutlet. Absolutely awful. Very dry and erm… oily. Portion was small and for that huge price tag (can’t recall how much though … $18?), I could’ve done a better job.

Aly’s order of erm… cheese lobster or something … I think it was $38 for what I thought was a really small lobster … oh well … she kinda enjoyed it I guess, but to me, it didn’t suit my tastes and was too small :-s

Fondue!!! Chocolate was too thick… was quite difficult to eat … sheesh … other places like Coffee Club has better chocolate in my opinion.

The queue was pretty long when we left the place … I wonder why now …

Earle Swenson’s
1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-117 Vivocity
Tel: +65 6272-3306


Menu :
Food :
Value for money:
Service :

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