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16 Sep 2005

Anniversary! Didn’t know where to take Aly for dinner… :-s

Spoke with Geoff the night before as well as Vivian, Kenny and Roy…

As the time grew nearer for me to pick her up… Finally decided to bring her to a place that Geoff mentioned to me about 6-7 months ago (or even longer!).

The place was somewhere at the Jurong Bird Park… (nope… we weren’t going to eat the birds there :P )…. but some Japanese restaurant located on top of the park just beside the Bird Park.

I searched around last nite on the internet for the location and hopefully some writeups on this place, but didn’t manage to find anything.

So… armed with the few words that Geoff mentioned and my handy PDA with the GPS activated, we drove off to Jurong Hill Park.

Parking was a breeze… as we arrived early… FREE as well :P

We parked and headed towards a lookout tower… noticed that there were tables at the foot of the tower… so figured that the restaurant was there…. followed 3 ladies in front of us (we figured they were heading down for the food as well)… and voila!

Hill Top Japanese Restaurant! There was also an Indonesian restaurant on the right… (realised that BOTH were linked… interesting… )

The waitress ushered us in and asked us if we wanted the Teppanyaki or the Ala Carte… We decided on the Ala carte and were shown to our seats as well as the menu.

While trying to decide what we wanted, the 3 ladies seated behind us were having their orders taken… and that’s when Aly and I heard the keyword “SUKIYAKI” :O

NO WAY!!! I HAD TO HAVE THAT!!! I Lurrvvve Sukiyaki! It’s so hard to find a Jap place that serves it….

So I took the Sukiyaki set, Aly took some Zakana thingy (fried fish). We ordered 2 orders of Chawanmushi as well as some tempura (veggie and prawns).

I went back to the car to grab the camera as well as Aly’s Anniversary gift.
It was a Chococat Paper Clip holder which I bought off Ebay ;)

Aly and Chococat!

Crispy Tempura arrived first

My Sukiyaki set! Raw egg provided as dip! Heavenly!!!

Aly’s fish set thingy…. both sets were served with rice as well as miso soup :)

Chawanmushi! Generous helping, unlike some other places where they only give you half a cup! :-s

Free flow of green tea at $1 per cup and towels at 50cents each.

The total bill was $49.35 after GST, and whoa! No service charge! … and I must say…the service was good! :)

Food was tasty, good service, reasonable prices and free parking!

I’m definitely going back for more and to try the Teppanyaki as well!

Teppanyaki chef in action… must try next time!!!

3 Responses to Hill Top Japanese Restaurant



July 29th, 2010 at 4:47 pm

So cheap skate buying such a cheap gift for anniversary



July 30th, 2010 at 12:52 am

Yes… it was cheap … as for me being a cheapskate, perhaps.

But the expression on her face when she saw something that she really liked which was difficult to source for and a character that meant alot to the both of us…. it was priceless.

Get a life.

It’s not all about money.


Mrs s

April 15th, 2011 at 4:27 pm

I think it’s sweet. And newsflash, guys…a man who treats his wife like a jewel of great value, doesn’t really need to buy them! :-)

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