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30 Apr 2006

Parkway Parade was having this whole mall sale during the weekend, we decided to head down to check out what good deals were available…

I regretted from the moment I drove out the exit of the ECP……traffic jam!!!

When we did manage to enter the car park, we had to park all the way on the 7th level (open air) as the whole car park was filled and cars were parking at the tow away zones and at non parking lots :-S

The mall itself was super packed than usual… it was a mad place with kids running wild everywehere….

Oh well… at least I did manage to get a present for Fai and a tee for myself and poor Aly was so upset as some clothes that she bought 2 days ago were at 20% off at Parkway … :P

Anyway, we had a late dinner at Ichiban Sushi, silly us thought that the place would have a sushi belt, but it didn’t have one… it was just a japanese restaurant, but we were too hungry (and lazy) to leave the place (which was lucky for us as a long queue started to form out of nowhere when we were seated)

My poor hungry kitty waiting for her mum mum …

Finally!!! Food arrives much to the delight of my hungry mew =P~

Side order of soft shell crab… 4 pieces…

Aly’s order of an Oyako Set (chicken with egg with rice, soup and fruit)

Me? I ordered a Katsu Curry Set (Pork Cutlet curry with rice, soup and fruit)

Food tasted pretty good for both of us… as you can definitely tell from Aly’s expression :D

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