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18 Apr 2008

Aly has been frequenting this place without me!!! She’s been here another 2 times with her colleagues already :(

We brought Fai and Kelly down today for my second visit to the place ;)

Side dishes today consisted of cockles! :-s Aly was the only one eating them… Kelly didn’t touch them … hmm…

Asparagus …. hmm… just wondering why the side dishes weren’t the same as those I had the last time I was here….
There were similar stuff though… the kimchi and eggplant was also served….
Is this done on purpose so that patrons wouldn’t get bored?
Or the boss just bought whatever ingredients was cheap on that particular day? :P

Seafood Pancake … Fai said this was good….
I felt that it tasted like carrot cake with seafood :))

Kelly ordered a whole Ginseng chicken for us to share… :-s

You can order half though…. no worries lol :P

So nice of Kelly to help scoop out the ginseng chicken and soup for us… ;)

Since I’ve tried the Beef and Octopus steamboat previously, we ordered the Budae Steamboat for 3 today

It came with noodles … you can also order plain rice to go with it or add more noodles at additional cost ;)

Budae Steamboat…. consists of tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, sausages and luncheon meat.
Don’t ask me what kind of luncheon meat was served… and where too lol :P

Aly started going crazy again mixing lots of rice with lots of soup…. I think I’ll go broke if I brought her to Seoul :))

She told me that her colleagues preferred this to the beef and octopus steamboat…

I personally prefer the beef and octopus steamboat , the soup was much sweeter and tasty.

This Budae one was salty probably due to the luncheon meat and sausages.

Just preference I guess… just as well that we had luncheon meat ‘cos Fai was with us lol :P

Just what is with you and luncheon meat? :P (He’s the only person I know so far who has luncheon meat in his steamboat)

Jeju Korean Restaurant
38 Seah Street Singapore 188394


Food Menu Rating: ★★★½☆
Food Rating: ★★★★☆
Value for money Rating: ★★★½☆
Ambience Rating: ★★★½☆
Service Rating: ★★★★½

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