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4 Oct 2008

It’s AhMao’s birthday! :D Must mum mum super yummy stuff :D

We headed to Ju Shin Jung at Yess Centre along West Coast Road

We were served with plain water and tea …. tasted like barley tea… didn’t ask :P

We got a table near the entrance…. had to sit down japanese style on the floor :P

Nice set of greens … 7-8 different types of vegetables for you to eat/wrap with the bbq meat… cool!!!

The chillis and garlic were shiok too :P

Dipping sauces ;)

Look at the number of side dishes!!! :-s

Hard boiled egg… I love eggs! =P~

Mashed potato…. like eating cake! :P

Cold tofu… I ate alot of this ‘cos the other 3 fellas weren’t eating it X(

Er… pumpkin I think :P

Lettuce! :P

Kimchi…. Kelly ate abit… I ate the most… Fai and Aly did not touch it… as usual….

Seaweed thingy… it was cold… refreshing! …. Everybody else didn’t touch it… and they all pushed their portions to me…. grrrr… how much did they think I could eat? :-s

Onions were shiok… no kisses with Aly later though :(

Here’s what’s left of the … zucchini…

Grilled mushrooms!!! Fai’s nightmare! Aly’s dream!!! :P

Here’s my dream!!! All the red meat lol :P

Don’t ask me about the onion on the meat though… no idea :P

The wagyu beef being grilled….  can’t wait! =P~ =P~ =P~

Can’t recall which cut of the pork this was …

Who cares!!! MEAT!!! :D

Here’s one of the staff helping us to grille… Pretty or not? :P

Food …. lots of it … :D

Here’s the wagyu beef … almost done :P

Seafood pancake ;)

Nice bits of stuff in the pancake :)

Beef is done!!!

The lady then moved it aside…. ALL TOWARDS ME… I LIKE THIS WOMAN :P

Erm… what was this…. salad???

Beef soup …. beef was tender …. soup was tasty…

Pickled stuff… not many fans … I was the only one eating it :-s

Sheesh… too much meat… I look so fat :(

We tried our best to finish up the food …. believe me… we TRIED :P

Hmm… we were almost done… and the place still had customers coming in… not bad….

Super full!!! Food was shiok!!!
Veggies were plenty!!!!
Garlic was free flow!!!
Soup was GOOD!!!!

ahMao is a happy mao!!! :D

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ
27 West Coast Highway #01-18/19
Yess Centre 1F Singapore 117867



Menu Rating: ★★★★½
Food Rating: ★★★★½
Value for money Rating: ★★★★☆
Ambience Rating: ★★★½☆
Service Rating: ★★★★☆

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