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18 Sep 2014

The first was 11yrs ago.


It was my 3rd yr anniversary with Aly.


We were on our way back from our celebration when I got involved in an accident.


We were alright, but I lost a dear friend that night.


At the same time, overseas, my friend had passed away from a murder.


It was a strange feeling and till this day, I still make no sense of this connection.


It’s 2014 now.


I’ve lost another friend on this day, my 13th anniversary with Aly.

A close friend joked that perhaps my getting together with Aly was bad luck.

Funny, yet not so.


It was only yesterday that I sent you off.

Mum asked if I cried.

I replied that I didn’t.


I usually cry at these things… The only time I fought hard to hold back the tears was when I saw Perry, the calm, cool guy I’ve always known was in tears.

Pat and Fai both said the same thing to me when dad passed on, that it’s always the living that hurt and suffer.

I pray for you Perry that you will pull through this period with great strength.



Good times.


From the time we sat back to back in the office, yet chatting on yahoo messenger and me reaching out for those yummy fish balls from Tiong Bahru market which you gladly offered, to the times when you bought breakfast for Justin and me daily.


The many games we played together, from our time at Surfing Bananas, with Acrophobia, Counterstrike, Red Alert and Diablo 2. Good times, good laughter whenever the female Barbarian Sillysleepy is running away from the cows during the cow runs in Diablo.


How silly we were, obsessed with TornCity, with multiple accounts and you logging in for me when I was busy… to running multiple restaurants in Restaurant City on FaceBook. How time flies.


All these yrs, you’ve been a big sister to me despite that you’re only a yr older. Lending a listening ear during my breakups, giving advice when I needed them, taking good care of me all the time.

I’ve always felt like the baby of our clique from Surfing Bananas… that’s all due to your care for me… and connecting me to the rest. You were the one who brought all of us together. I don’t know how things will be from now on.


Grateful times.


When you came so often to keep me company at VivoCity, helping me to run the shop when I had to take a breather. The 2 of us, eating packets of chicken rice with all the different sauces… at the shop. You and me attending the glass jewellery making class and having lunch and Actually chocolate ice cream together after that.


The many things I remember doing with you.


The LMF concert, the crab makan sessions with Perry and Aly, the fish head curry makan sessions with Perry, Pat, Audrey and Claire…. Even though the men were just there for the food and the women for chit chats lol ….


It’s gonna take awhile to get used to not having you around.


I took a short glance at the whatsapp history with you … and the last time I spoke to you… if you were gonna get the new iPhone6. I wished I spoke to you more that day. The long chat history on FaceBook and other platforms … we’ve really chatted alot over the yrs.


When my dad passed on, you gave me strength and brought the people I needed and treasured around me.


The last few days, I’ve just been thinking. Thinking where and how things will be from now on. Without your amazing ability to bring people together… how dull my life would be from now on without you to talk to about anything and everything under the sun, the IT stuff, the food in Hong Kong, the gossips from Hong Kong, the updates about our ex-colleagues, etc…..


The thoughts in my head were all these things which I couldn’t really say out loud because I didn’t know where to begin and where to end.


So much that we’ve been through… and it’s slowly sinking in that I’ve lost a truly dear friend who listened to all my crap all these years and still loved me for who I was.


A part of me doesn’t want to deal with the fact that you’re gone. Perhaps that’s why I was trying to smile, to joke around even when I was sending you off.


I’m gonna miss being wacked by you on the shoulder during our get togethers. I’m gonna miss you Viv.


Thank you for the memories once again… and will pray for your loved ones and big brother Perry too.


We will all stay strong for you.


Web Services, Surfing Bananas

Web Services, Surfing Bananas

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