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16 Dec 2005

Aly and I had dinner at Rajah Inn restaurant located at Tiong Bahru Plaza… Steamboat buffet!!! This is the first time we tried their buffet, we usually go for the steamboat set which only costs about $7 each! Great value! … We decided to pig out today though :P

Our jug of Iced lemon tea and the restaurant’s condiments for the steamboat…

We can choose from the ala carte menu of cooked food as well.
The tahu telor is very yummy! We also ordered some xiao bai cai, spring roll and some bacon wrapped sausages!

Meat!!! Lovely meat!!! Sliced Beef, chicken and pork plus some squid…

Check out my pot of meat :P

The mini steamboat pots

We ate till we couldn’t move… then made our way to check in at the Hyatt Singapore for our complimentary stay from dad :D

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The Rajah Inn

July 17th, 2012 at 12:20 pm


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