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2 Aug 2004

Woke up this morning with more rashes all over!!!
It had started last night, but I thought they would just go away!
But they multiplied this morning and I was itching all over…

Went to see the doctor at Holland Village and he gave me jab… ouch! My poor bum!
Told me it was an allergic reaction! I never knew I was allergic to anything!
Geez… and I STILL don’t know what caused this … sheesh…

Said my case was quite serious that’s why he gave me a jab. How serious? The rashes were all over my entire body… arms, torso, feet, etc.

He told me that I would zonk out after the jab so told me to go home and get some rest.

Damn! I was supposed to go into JB with Kok Leong to do my window film!

Anyway I went back home walking with a slight limp cos half my bum was numb… hahah…

Took a short rest before meeting Kok Leong after lunch and headed towards Southern Motor Sports at Pelangi to do my window film. Didn’t want to play Kok Leong out again …hahaha…even though I was like a zombie due to the jab….

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