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Aly was on leave today … so we spent some time walking around Suntec before stopping for a bite at Bakerzin Aly ordered a mix and match of some dessert tapas and ice cream Rum & raisin ice cream… not much into this one… Aly eats rum & raisin ice cream alot though Vanilla crème […]

Met Aly for dinner after I left Fai’s place. Aly has always wanted to try the seafood pasta at Bakerzin as the boss Chef Daniel’s speciality was that…. Iced Passion Bitter Orange Tea ($6.20) Don’t know how to describe this… but I liked it You gotta go try it for yourself… ya … I know […]

Why are there so many Bakerzin outlets? No escape from their desserts with Aly around Popped in to chill out for awhile after dinner at Kim Gary Lavender Lime ($5.80) … typical… tasted like carbonated cough syrup Okay for me as I’ve had many cans of Cherry 7-Up during my NS Aly made a face […]

Aly’s “other plans”…. She dragged me to Bakerzin for some dessert after I screwed up dinner for her earlier on This is what she’s been craving for for days! The Foret Noir (Blackforest cake) from Bakerzin I must admit … it tasted pretty good …. lucky for her … it was the last piece I […]

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