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Was walking around Chinatown with Aly when we came across this stand along Trengganu Street selling sausages Aly and I shared this …. nice big one … with lots of chilli sauce and mustard The bread was really soft and I loved the chewy skin of the sausage The stand has got lots of newspaper […]

National Day!!! All the crazy buggers flocked to Marina/ECP area to watch fireworks… What’s the deal about fireworks? Haven’t these fellas seen them before? TKL said it was romantic to watch with your loved one…. Er…. Thank goodness Aly doesn’t see things the same as him but the same as me So while everyone was […]

Spring Court

In: Food Adventures

16 Apr 2006

Brought mum and dad to dinner at Spring Court at Chinatown with Aly…. We just settled for the set dinner for 4 as we didn’t want to think too much… Since 1929!!! Peking Duck!!! Crispy skin with sweet sauce …. yum yum… ????? Sauteed Mustard with Mushroom ???? Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & […]

Aly and I were at OG Chinatown… heh… and we headed to the cafe inside to have some kong ba bao… couldn’t resist taking a pic when I saw the giant bao… hee hee…

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