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For the life of me … the service is really lacking … This is the 2nd time already in a few weeks that I’ve got fed up and bought my stuff from elsewhere…. 2 different branches, 1 at IMM and now at Compass Pt where the place seems to be understaffed… and whatever remaining staff […]

Sakura Family Restaurant…. Aly and I were at Compass Point… think it’s only our 2nd time here in all the years we’ve been together… or is this the first? Anyway… had to mum mum …. and couldn’t think of what to eat… place was so crowded also … So we ended up here … Just […]

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ahMao in goldfish bowl aka Singapore, a mao who wishes he was in Hong Kong instead, the food that ahMao eats with his ahMew aka LeMew/Kitty and the boring stuff they do when they are.... bored .... what else?



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