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ECP … East Coast Park … not the expressway Headed there with Aly and her sis Samantha for dinner after that round of clothes shopping at Chinatown Sam had the Gold Medal Macau Baked Rice ($14.80) which is actually pork chop with tomato sauce, Chicken chop with portuguese sauce and seafood with cream sauce all […]

After our meal at Astons and walking around the area for awhile, we headed to East Coast Park for dessert… Strawberry smoothie Shared a waffle with ice cream with Aly…. What to do… was still hungry after dinner at Astons This filled up my tummy nicely

Woke up… and we went to cycle again… More cycling! All ready for more cycling! Check out this sign! I wonder why they planted the sign under the tree… Imagine when you’re reading the sign and the coconut decides to drop Falling coconuts everywhere!!! Yikes! Getting old… huffed and puffed ….. Aly had to wait […]

Got ourselves checked into the chalet at East Coast Park… Our very own little Deepavali celebration! At the car park just outside the chalet upon arrival Aly checking out if they gave us squeaky beds Took a quick shower and we went off to rent some bikes and went cycling… Got a call from M1 […]

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